Friday, April 29, 2011

Airports & planes

WOW! It's been a while since my last post! This past weeks have been very intense, my fiance and I moved back to the UK to start our new life together.
We booked our tickets ages ago, so we didn't exactly know when we would come back so we booked the tickets without thinking, so we ended up booking the tickets for the same day but different journeys and different times... oh well....

So that meant that I had to travel on my own again. In the past I used to take groups of spanish kids to Canada so traveling was this chaotic, stressing and awful experience! The flight from Madrid to Toronto took about 9 hours... 9 hours that spent screaming, shouting etc while the rest of the passengers were trying to sleep...

I've started traveling by myself quite recently, I've always gone with someone else. But the good thing about traveling on your own it's that you get to observe what's going on around you.

The T day, for me starts rushing... because of course, I was too lazy to pack the night before, so as soon as I wake up all you can see it's me running up and down the house putting things inside of the suitcases hoping that they'll close properly. As you might have guessed, I forgot about 20% of the things that I was supposed to bring... but I guess that's what parents are for, they'll very kindly send me the things I left behind! But 20% it's awesome for me! It used to be a lot worse in the past! For example If I needed some kind of pills that would have been the thing I'd have left home! lol

So, the really tense moment of having to put the suitcases in the scales arrives... and ... unbelievable! they're the right weight! wow! awesome! (I think I learnt my lesson that time I had to pay 125 canadian dollars for 3 extra kg....) So I checked in, and score! I got a window seat so I could have a pleasant snooze.

Then I passed the security control, this last time they made me go into one of those body scans but luckily I made it thru quite fast so I had plenty of time to take a look at the shops. People, specially girls, go absolutely crazy in the duty free!! And one things that makes me think are the luggage shops, why would I need a suitcase when I already checked in mine?!?!

And then you find your gate and wait.... but people get a bit simple when they travel so they start making a line 40min before the gate is open! and I usually sit down until the queue it's nearly finished, but it's quite funny to get the looks of the people that judge you for being lazy! lol And then I spotted a lovely couple with two lovely kids, and I thought awwww how cute! The kids looked at me, I smiled at them, and I had enough... Then I got in the plane and... of course someone sneaked in with a massive suitcase and my mini one didn't fit.... But one of the air assistants helped me and then guided me to my seat, and then....oh no.... I heard this screaming: the two cute babies had turned into two little monsters and guess what?? I was right behind them..... But luckily the parents managed to calm them so... in the end I had a pretty pleasant trip and...
The best bit??
To see my fiance's face between the crowd in the arrivals lounge waiting for me!

I'll try to post more often!
Thanks for reading!