Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Untidy

I have to admit it, I'm really untidy. My room can look like a cave in 2 minutes. With other stuff like work or my notes from Uni I've always been really tidy, I always know where everything is and I'm really proud of that! But with my room I just can't!!!

I remember the look on Jake's face the first time he saw my room back in Sunderland, he was too polite to say anything but he was amazed! lol! I always try my best to keep things tidy but I just can't! For example, many times I've tried to tidy up on a Saturday morning, then I go out at night and before that I need to try a few outfits. After a few "oh my god I look so fat", "this makes me look old" blah blah blah I make up my mind  and of course I always leave with no extra time to tidy up! Next thing I know it's Sunday morning I have two options: a) i'm tired or b) i'm hungover , so there's no way I'm gonna tidy up!  Then the week starts and I have no time to tidy up! (well that was back in the day now that i'm unemployed I have no excuse lol!)

Now that Jake lives here, he tries his best to keep things tidy, so when I don't behave I get told off by him and my mother. Lovely isn't it? :P

But I came up with an awesome theory and I have evidence! As soon as I leave my room things get untidy because they're alive!

The video is crap, but I couldn't get better "evidence" lol!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Push / Pull

My boyfiend gave me the idea to write this post. The other day we went to a restaurant (nothing fancy cuz we're poor, maybe it was a Vips). And I tried to open the door, I push and I couldn't open it so ... I pushed harder, then he came and opened the door by pulling it. Then he told me: "I think this tells a lot about ur personality. When you cannot open the door by pushing it instead of thinking maybe I should pull, you thought oh well I'll push harder lol".

Maybe there are two types of people in the world the ones that'd keep pushing and the ones that'd start pulling instead. This made me think about how little things can tell you loads from a person.
Well sometimes they are not that little, I remember a time that I was talking to a guy I liked and instead of paying attention to what I was saying (I'm sure it wasn't thaaat boring) he spent 5 minutes staring at his reflection on my sunglasses.

Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person who can tell what a person is thinking or how he is just by staring at the things he does. Like Dr Lightman in the show "Lie to me". For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about here's a little synopsis:

"DR. Cal Lightman can detect the truth by analyzing a person's face, body, voice and speech. When someone shrugs one shoulder, rotates their hand or raises their lower lip, Lightman knows they're lying. By analyzing facial expressions, he can read feelings - from hidden resentment to sexual attraction to jealousy." by

This ability would be soooo helpful for job interviews! This way you could tell If they are really interested in ur CV and by your answers, analyzing their reaction you could know for sure what they'd wanna hear next!!

Sometimes when you start dating someone, this "little things" are super important. Especially if you are not 100% convinced about the guy, you focus even harder on those things to see if you can get an excuse to not see him again like the way he eats, walks, talks, or answers the phone!
I say this cuz I've experimented yself that If you really like the guy he could eat like a pig and walk like a lorry driver: you couldn't care less! :P

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little girls

Sometimes I wonder what it'll be like to be a mum. It's something that I wouldn't even have thought of a year ago but now I feel kinda soft when I see cute babies, maybe my fiance has something to do with it too lol!

The baby phase and toddler phase I think would be alright. But I have to admit (and I know this is gonna sound sexist) that I'm absolutely terrified of having a baby girl! Ok... when they're babies they look really cute but when they grow up it can be quite stressful!
I don't want my baby girl to do the same things I've done!! I don't even want to think that stupid boys will break her heart! And what's worse...I don't wanna argue with a teenager! I feel like Claire Dunphy from Modern Family when she says: "if Hayley (her daughter) doesn't wake up half naked at a beach in Miami with a guy she doesn't know, we'd have done our jobs as good parents". Not that I had a terrible teenage phase but I wouldn't like to see my little girl with " a sailor"!! (if you don't get it read the " sailor complex post").

Now when I look back I have to admit that many times I was absolutely terrible to my folks! Like for example, the clothes. Usually we go thru that phase where we'd wear things that especially our mums hate just to annoy them! And when we are that age we have to fight against everything! 99.9% of the time I felt like everyone in my house was against me and that no one understood me, I bet they did, but they didn't want to listen to me moaning and complaining aaaaaall the time!

I used to take groups of spanish kids to Canada during the summer to learn english. Some of the worst things I had to deal with were cat fights!! They were soooo mean to each other!!! I prefer boys in that matter, they might punch each other a couple of times and that's it! They can be friends again! But with girls it's a lot more complicated they're mean and they don't stop till the other one is crying herself to sleep night after night!

Oh well, maybe cuz i'm writing this I'll be "blessed" with 14 baby girls.... :P

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The Apple Conjecture

Today I got told off for something very simple, peeling an apple for my boyfriend. My mum thought that I was doing it because he told me to (one of the inconveniences of speaking two languages at the house lol). The truth is that he is a risk for his own health (if you've seen him doing it you'd understand). I can understand that my mum was concerned, but it all ended up as a misunderstanding.

A few years ago I was super feminist, girl power etc. But now that I'm in a serious relationship my point of view has changed. Before, I think, we all went thru the "sex and the city complex", we all had to be maneaters and they should be begging on their knees for our love. Don't we wanna be equal? Well, let's start giving a good example! For me a relationship should be balanced: 50% - 50% = a team. If you cannot do something the other one will be there to help, one can cook and the other can tidy up the kitchen. I don't know If you'll agree with me but that's what I think. Whether they like it or not, boys have their little hearts too, they want to be truly loved and the same way we wanna be treated like the most important thing in the world, so do they!

Lately we haven't been being fair with guys in some matters ( cuz in other areas, sadly we're still far way behind ). A couple of weeks ago I was watching a gossips/talk show program and there was a girl saying how her ex boyfriend had cheated on her. Apparently in the story she was telling, she found out that he was having sex with someone else and she went crazy and started punching, slapping and hitting him with her purse. The crowd went crazy: well done girl!! And I was shocked!! What would have happened if it was the other way around? If the guy had done exactly the same thing he'd be in jail by now.

As I said, I think we should consider each other as equals, 50% - 50%. Something balanced will make us happy.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting ready & make up

No matter how many times you try to explain it to a guy...they'll never get it! They don't understand the effort of getting ready to go out. I know it all sounds pretty girly but it's true! Hair, make up, etc I believe that if on the first date my boyfriend had seen me the way I look when I wake up, he would have never called me again! lol! (well when the 3litres of water soaked me to the bone, my make up was ruined but at least he had already seen me looking "decent")

Sometimes people (to be nice) can tell you, oh! you don't need any make up blah blah blah... I remember that when I went to Uni, once I did an experiment (well now i like to call it an experiment but probably it was a sleepless night trying to write an essay) : i went to uni with no make up on, not even mascara. Well maybe 99.9% of my classmates asked something like: are you ok? are u feeling well? you seem a bit tired/pale... I guess that when people get used to see u wearing make up this is the reaction you might get.

You live under a lot of preasure when you start dating someone, you have to be ready and try to look your best lol. Once back in Sunderland I had to go out (maybe i've been dating Jake for 2 or 3 weeks by then), the bank, Tesco and a few more things. It was cold and I wasn't too keen on getting ready, so i decided to wear my uni hoodie, pair of jeans and a hat to hide the actual look of my hair. As soon as I got to town he called me: his class finished early and he wanted to see me and to meet a few of his classmates.....SH**!!! I didn't know how to explain it without sounding stupid! I had to run home and get ready, I bet he wouldn't have liked to see me like that! lol

Cutting my hair was a really important factor on the amount of time I need to get ready, back in the day with my long hair it could be easily more than an hour! But anyway, when we have to go out my poor boyfriend (bless him) sits around for ages looking awesome, smelling good and ready to go (the things boys do for love lol) while I'm still drying my hair.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sailor complex (guys)

After a few years I came up with this term, it seems like more and more guys are suffering from it. Fortunately I've already found my other half (I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it's true!) but I had to kiss a few frogs till I found my prince lol! A friend of mine went thru something like this recently so this post is also dedicated to her (you know who u are love!)

First of all I'll explain the sailor complex: in the old days many sailors had a woman in each port, the poor girls never knew that there was someone else so they felt special, whenever the guy visited the lady he told her how wonderful she was blah blah blah and had sex with her. Believe it or not we have loads of guys today that behave like this! For the girl it's difficult to identify this behaviour at the begining specially if she really likes him. But there are some few clear signs that create the patern of "the sailor".

I'll give a few examples. He calls you, you feel excited because, what the hell! he called you first. So u feel really special! You meet, have a good time and then...he starts speaking, he shares what seems to be his deepest thoughts and stuff. That way you think he is a really cool guy and you start to trust him. Then he tells you what you believe are his problems, then you start to "admire him" because he's a tortured soul, and there's something quite...bohemian about it. The date is over and he says that he had a wonderful time and that he'll definately will call you tomorrow. So the next day begins, you carry ur cell phone everywhere, even if you go to the loo you take it with you "because he's gonna call". Lunch time, no signs of him, but just in case you start to get ready, a long shower, facial mask, you get ur nails done that kind of thing. The day goes by and he hasn't call, you go to bed pissed and swearing that you'll never talk to him again. A couple of days later, he calls you and gives you the most outrageous excuse but you believe it! There's a really wide range of excuses, but If you really like the guy you'd start believing things like: I was going to call you when a pigeon attacked me and destroyed my phone, a storm left me with no signal on my phone...

And of course when you start talking about a relationship he says things like: you deserve something better than this but I don't wanna loose you blah blah blah! we have a great friendship, why ruin it? excuses! he is a sailor! he wants to have you there for the next sex round! Of course there are more girls! (in 99.9% of the cases).

We should be a bit smarter and don't be blinded by this kind of individuals! We deserved to be treated as the most precious thing in the world! (so do they if they deserve it lol) and when the right guy comes along you'll know it, you'll just have to look into his eyes and that'll be enough to know how much he loves you.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This might sound a bit superficial, but going to a hairdressers it's one of the hardest things a woman has to face on her lifetime!
When you are a kid it's "easy" your mum decides for you, when you are a teenager, it gets a bit harder. When I became a teenager it was "fashionable" to have two thick chicken blond highlights on each side or your face... I can tell you that it was absolutely horrible! (sorry If any of you had it!) but I wanted to have them! everyone else did! But my mum very wisely didn't let me (after a two hour argument that most likely involved tears on my side). Or If I wanted something terrible my mum just would have a previous word with the hairdressers (probably a non life threatening  piece of "advice") and as soon as I got there and shared my plan with her, she would tell me that it wouldn't look good on me. It's funny how you take advide from a stranger and not from your own mum.

But, time flies by, so I became a young girl (not to say an adult, I don't wanna sound old! lol). And then I started to go to the hairdressers by myself. WRONG! I should still have my mum around! I just rather have an argument with her once than having to stand the screaming when I get back home! lol. And the worst is when you know that you look absolutely disgusting. Like that time I decided to dye my hair, a normal color wasn't good enough for me so I decided I'd look good with orange hair MISTAKE!!! I had to live with the shame for weeks! My integrity would have been safe if my mum was there.

But sometimes even the wise advise from a mother is not enough to prevent disasters. Some hairdressers speak in a different language or code. If you say: please don't cut too much, they'll do it! Or ... I'd like my highlights in a NATURAL blond shade = chicken blond...

I wasn't sure about writing this post at the begining because my mum will be dead chuffed when she reads it and she'll tell me one of the phrases that I hate the most to hear from her: I TOLD YOU SO!
ohh mums... sometimes they give us a hard time, but what would we do without them?

I love you Mum!!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being clumsy... Part II

Thank you all! "Being clumsy" it's the most read post on my blog!! And so you can see that I don't lie about this... "quality" of mine there's enough material for a part II!!

Last year I moved to the UK to do a masters. As I said on a previous post, London was to crowded for me so I was willing to try "the real thing" the ultimate british experience so I decided to go to the North East. When I was flying there I looked outside the window and the weather seemed normal, until we got to Newcastle... 2 or 3 blooming feet of snow were accumulated on the ground... The University booked a taxi for me so it was ok cuz I got help from the cab driver but as soon as I got to my flat I was on my own... Next morning I HAD to go shopping, so I wore my massive boots, puffy coat, scarf, gloves, hat (while the local lads and lasses were just wearing a jumper! lol). Walking on the snow should be considered an extreme sport!!! I had to walk at a snail's speed and grabbing myself to all sorts of fences and lamposts to make it. When I was coming back home and I thought I was gonna be back dry & safe... I slipped with a bit of ice and I fell flat on my bum...

The people from the hall of residence witnessed many of my disasters... Once I was trying to get the rubbish inside the container in quite an "acrobatic" way and when it was on the air... the bag broke and all my garbage was spilled on the floor (there were a bunch of guys there that didn't move a finger to help me, I guess I'm not hot enough to recieve that kind of help lol!)

But God bless the local lads and lasses, my cousin came to visit the North east so I took her to see the area. We left Durham Cathedral for last but when we got there it was raining, we were making our way up but... I needed the loo, I needed to have a wee with all my heart and soul, so we went to a pub.
Me and my cousin were speaking pretty loud (obviously! we're spanish and our loudness levels are nothing compared to the rest of nationalities!) and as if we were not getting enough attention, when I started to go down the stairs I lost the contact with the floor surface, it was less than a second but I could totally see myself falling and rolling down the stairs... I didn't have time to land properly (God knows what could have happened to me!) because very gently, a local lad rescued me, and maybe I'll have to thank him for my health!!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being clumsy...

Yeah... clumsy is one of the words to describe me ... If you asked any of my friends or family: tell me 3 words that describe Pilar, clumsy would be one of them, i'm 99.9% sure!
I've learnt how to live with it,  and everyone who knows me too. For example it's really common to be walking down a street (and i mean a quiet street with perfect pavement) with me by your side and a) see me dissapear (cuz i've fallen off) or b) hear aaaaaahhhhh! (me nearly falling).

Apart from being clumsy I have a very special luck. I've also learnt how to live with it, falling in the less appropiate moments and things like that are a part of my life now. My boyfriend has known how to deal with my special "qualities"already, but he has seen me in all sorts of situations like: trying to open a packet of smashed potato, rip it and pour it all over myself (nothing erotic in smash i'm afraid...).

But not all of these incidents are non pain related. Once when I was 15 I feel off the school bus... yeah I know it's pretty lame. I had my backpack, the gym class bag and the skate bag and when I was getting off the bus.... slam!!! against the pavement, and oh! i almost forgot, it has been raining the whole day so I landed in a "lake" in the middle of the street. Another time I was taken to ER in my pyjamas cuz I fell down the stairs (due to a misplaced box that someone had left there) and I nearly broke my knee.

Fortunately a few of my "disasters" have brought me good things, like that New Year's Eve that I fell flat on the floor and a super cute guy helped me out (the saddest thing was that I wasn't even drunk!). But the best of all happened the night I met the guy that it's now my fiance! In the UK you cannot smoke in bars, me and him were the only smokers so we went out for a smoke. I really liked him from the first moment I saw him so I was trying to play it cool, we were standing inches away from one of those bus stops that have roofs. As I was speaking, someone had the idea to move it, and all the water that was accumulated after a day of heavy rain, landed on me. My make up, my hair, my clothes, everything was ruined! I started laughing cuz there was nothing else I could do! This incident gave us a pretty good chance for a laugh and we have been dating since then, so I guess it wasn't bad after all!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Media people

Since I was 16 I knew for sure that I wanted to do Media. I was lucky enough to get the points I needed to go to the "best university" in Spain (when I finished I knew it wasn't but I had the time of my life and I met my best friends!). As soon as I got my degree I decided I wanted to do a Masters abroad, London was too crowded for me so I decided to go to University of Sunderland (northern soul keep the faith!!!)
I love everything about the subject I studied and I'm praying to get a decent job soon! But ... I've realised that I have to change the way I look and behave because I'm too "normal"!!!! If you want to be someone in the business you have to look "special"!! Of course there are loads of what we presumibly would call "normal" but (specialy out of Spain) you have to wear funny glasses or have a weird hair to be recognised lol!

When you go to a TV studio you definately know who is who by the way they look! And if you were taking somewhere and you had to tell the difference between doctors, lawyers, journalists and media people, probably the media people would be the first one I'll be able to identify! (as long as the doctors are not wearing scrubs lol)

Another interesting species of the media world are the actors, there are two types: the really nice ones and the ones that think that the world would stop spinning without them. Some of them are really greatful and know the meaning of team work but some others let you soak to the bone under the rain while you are carrying a massive umbrella to keep them dry... But hey! if everyone was treating me like the most important person in my country God knows how would I behave aye?

Oh well... I've got a few job interviews on the next weeks and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll have a job soon!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Xmas shopping and now ... sales??

Oh well... finally the xmas season has ended. U might wonder why do I feel relieved... it's because I was sick that every single shop in the country was packed!! It was impossible to go shopping and expect it to be a quiet situation!!

My dad told me to get my mum's presents (I've been doing it since I was 12, it works like this: he gives me the money and I buy super nice things that I KNOW that my mum's gonna like and sometimes myself! 2x1 lol) A thing you should know about my mum's taste for presents it's that she always loves limited edition stuff and super complicated things to find!! In Spain, the big day for presents it's the night of the 5th of January, so I went to "El Corte Inglés" on the 2nd... I asked for a Balenciaga biography (special edition) and it was sold out. The lady who worked there didn't limit herself to tell me: i'm sorry flower it's sold out. Instead of that she started nodding her head and doing a weird noise with her mouth, and told me that it was sold out and she made clear that I waited too long to get the present (i knew that already!!!!) and she was giving me a judging look like: oh foolish girl!!! Of course I had to wait 20 minutes to get that adorable answer and I was surrounded by 1000 people that were running like crazy around the store...

Aaaaany way, I thought that feeling that u get when you go shopping at xmas (like everyone is buying loads of things like if the world was gonna end) had finished for this year but... OH NO! I forgot that the sales started today!!! I made the wrong move and I went today to H&M with my boyfriend... it was absolutely terrible!!! The clothes that were on display were not the beautiful things they had 2 days ago.... it was terrible crap that looked like it had been used! Probably you can get better quality clothes at a charity store in England (don't take this the wrong way I've got nothing against that stores).

So this means that I'll have to wait another week till I can have a relaxed shopping atempt... and of course during this time I'll get off my mind that I might find something nice on sale because deep down I know I won't.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sky +

One of the things that I miss the most about England (believe it or not) it's Sky + (like Digital + in Spain). The best thing about that amazing device was.... that we could get all the american "crap" reality shows!!! Two of them were by far my favourites:

This one follows the "adventures" of the contestants of beauty pagents in the states. To make it more interesting you should know that the contestants age is between 2 and 9 years old!
It made me learn loads of things, like how to use properly the "royal we". The very proud mums of the girls loved to use it. Examples: we are really excited about the pagent, we are going to get our nails done blah blah blah....
It's amazing to see the amount of things that they do to the kids to transform them! Fake tan, FAKE TEETH!, fake hair, tons of make up, false nails...
And when things go wrong you see the "proud mums" whispering at their kids: SHAME ON YOU!
It's disgusting but I'm afraid to say it's entertaining!

oh oh oh.... this one has a bit of everything! for those of you who don't know what it is about: Kody (an all american boy wannabe) is in a polygamus marriage with 3 other women (Meri, janelle and Christine) and the reality show follows him and his wives thru their daily life, but oh! a fourth one arrives to the scene. So the ecuation is the following: 1 guy + 3 wives + 13 kids + 1 wife to be + 3 more kids!
If you want to learn how NOT to treat women you just have to follow this tv show!

For some of the teachers (and some classmates) from Uni, the fact that I've dedicated more than one minute of my time it's a disgrace but.... they should think that If you are gonna talk about TV you have to see everything to have a decent opinion lol :P from documentaries and movies in black and white to amazing crap like: Toddles and Tiaras and Sister Wives.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New smoking law in Spain

Oh of the coolest things about coming back home was the fact that I could smoke in bars and pubs! lol but not anymore.... the new law started a couple of days ago and we won't be able to smoke in bars, pubs, restaurants, outside hospitals, or anywhere near public parks for kids...

I know non-smokers might be really thankful for it but I think we don't deserve to be treated like parias! First of all a little reminder... a copuple of years ago a new law started and it was legal to create special areas for those of us who wanted to smoke, apart from everyone else. And now all the people who did the investment to build those areas in their bars have lost their money cuz they are not legal anymore!

And worst of all the goverment is encouraging people to report the smokers who don't respect the law to the authorities ... with 4.100.00 people unemployed in this country and people who wouldn't report serious crimes to the police... what are our priorities?

let's see what happens...

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Happy New Year! / Feliz año nuevo

Happy New Year! 2011 has started, oh God, i'm only 23 and I already feel old! 2010 was an extreme year, and when I say that I mean that all sorts of things happened. My grandma after 10 years fighting against ELA left us last January. It was one of the most special people I'll ever meet, she made us all feel really proud of her, she was a fighter and never lost her smile. Even she's gone I still feel that she's here with me.
On the other hand I met the guy who is now my fiance! I met him when I was doing my masters in England, he's the man of my life I'm sure of that! No other guy has ever loved me the way he does!
Now we are living together and depending on what this new year brings, we'll get married.

I'll try to keep the blog updated and share cool things that I find on the Internet.

Thanks for reading! ;)