Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting ready & make up

No matter how many times you try to explain it to a guy...they'll never get it! They don't understand the effort of getting ready to go out. I know it all sounds pretty girly but it's true! Hair, make up, etc I believe that if on the first date my boyfriend had seen me the way I look when I wake up, he would have never called me again! lol! (well when the 3litres of water soaked me to the bone, my make up was ruined but at least he had already seen me looking "decent")

Sometimes people (to be nice) can tell you, oh! you don't need any make up blah blah blah... I remember that when I went to Uni, once I did an experiment (well now i like to call it an experiment but probably it was a sleepless night trying to write an essay) : i went to uni with no make up on, not even mascara. Well maybe 99.9% of my classmates asked something like: are you ok? are u feeling well? you seem a bit tired/pale... I guess that when people get used to see u wearing make up this is the reaction you might get.

You live under a lot of preasure when you start dating someone, you have to be ready and try to look your best lol. Once back in Sunderland I had to go out (maybe i've been dating Jake for 2 or 3 weeks by then), the bank, Tesco and a few more things. It was cold and I wasn't too keen on getting ready, so i decided to wear my uni hoodie, pair of jeans and a hat to hide the actual look of my hair. As soon as I got to town he called me: his class finished early and he wanted to see me and to meet a few of his classmates.....SH**!!! I didn't know how to explain it without sounding stupid! I had to run home and get ready, I bet he wouldn't have liked to see me like that! lol

Cutting my hair was a really important factor on the amount of time I need to get ready, back in the day with my long hair it could be easily more than an hour! But anyway, when we have to go out my poor boyfriend (bless him) sits around for ages looking awesome, smelling good and ready to go (the things boys do for love lol) while I'm still drying my hair.

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