Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sailor complex (guys)

After a few years I came up with this term, it seems like more and more guys are suffering from it. Fortunately I've already found my other half (I know it sounds a bit cheesy but it's true!) but I had to kiss a few frogs till I found my prince lol! A friend of mine went thru something like this recently so this post is also dedicated to her (you know who u are love!)

First of all I'll explain the sailor complex: in the old days many sailors had a woman in each port, the poor girls never knew that there was someone else so they felt special, whenever the guy visited the lady he told her how wonderful she was blah blah blah and had sex with her. Believe it or not we have loads of guys today that behave like this! For the girl it's difficult to identify this behaviour at the begining specially if she really likes him. But there are some few clear signs that create the patern of "the sailor".

I'll give a few examples. He calls you, you feel excited because, what the hell! he called you first. So u feel really special! You meet, have a good time and then...he starts speaking, he shares what seems to be his deepest thoughts and stuff. That way you think he is a really cool guy and you start to trust him. Then he tells you what you believe are his problems, then you start to "admire him" because he's a tortured soul, and there's something quite...bohemian about it. The date is over and he says that he had a wonderful time and that he'll definately will call you tomorrow. So the next day begins, you carry ur cell phone everywhere, even if you go to the loo you take it with you "because he's gonna call". Lunch time, no signs of him, but just in case you start to get ready, a long shower, facial mask, you get ur nails done that kind of thing. The day goes by and he hasn't call, you go to bed pissed and swearing that you'll never talk to him again. A couple of days later, he calls you and gives you the most outrageous excuse but you believe it! There's a really wide range of excuses, but If you really like the guy you'd start believing things like: I was going to call you when a pigeon attacked me and destroyed my phone, a storm left me with no signal on my phone...

And of course when you start talking about a relationship he says things like: you deserve something better than this but I don't wanna loose you blah blah blah! we have a great friendship, why ruin it? excuses! he is a sailor! he wants to have you there for the next sex round! Of course there are more girls! (in 99.9% of the cases).

We should be a bit smarter and don't be blinded by this kind of individuals! We deserved to be treated as the most precious thing in the world! (so do they if they deserve it lol) and when the right guy comes along you'll know it, you'll just have to look into his eyes and that'll be enough to know how much he loves you.

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