Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New smoking law in Spain

Oh well....one of the coolest things about coming back home was the fact that I could smoke in bars and pubs! lol but not anymore.... the new law started a couple of days ago and we won't be able to smoke in bars, pubs, restaurants, outside hospitals, or anywhere near public parks for kids...

I know non-smokers might be really thankful for it but I think we don't deserve to be treated like parias! First of all a little reminder... a copuple of years ago a new law started and it was legal to create special areas for those of us who wanted to smoke, apart from everyone else. And now all the people who did the investment to build those areas in their bars have lost their money cuz they are not legal anymore!

And worst of all the goverment is encouraging people to report the smokers who don't respect the law to the authorities ... with 4.100.00 people unemployed in this country and people who wouldn't report serious crimes to the police... what are our priorities?

let's see what happens...

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