Friday, January 7, 2011

Xmas shopping and now ... sales??

Oh well... finally the xmas season has ended. U might wonder why do I feel relieved... it's because I was sick that every single shop in the country was packed!! It was impossible to go shopping and expect it to be a quiet situation!!

My dad told me to get my mum's presents (I've been doing it since I was 12, it works like this: he gives me the money and I buy super nice things that I KNOW that my mum's gonna like and sometimes myself! 2x1 lol) A thing you should know about my mum's taste for presents it's that she always loves limited edition stuff and super complicated things to find!! In Spain, the big day for presents it's the night of the 5th of January, so I went to "El Corte Inglés" on the 2nd... I asked for a Balenciaga biography (special edition) and it was sold out. The lady who worked there didn't limit herself to tell me: i'm sorry flower it's sold out. Instead of that she started nodding her head and doing a weird noise with her mouth, and told me that it was sold out and she made clear that I waited too long to get the present (i knew that already!!!!) and she was giving me a judging look like: oh foolish girl!!! Of course I had to wait 20 minutes to get that adorable answer and I was surrounded by 1000 people that were running like crazy around the store...

Aaaaany way, I thought that feeling that u get when you go shopping at xmas (like everyone is buying loads of things like if the world was gonna end) had finished for this year but... OH NO! I forgot that the sales started today!!! I made the wrong move and I went today to H&M with my boyfriend... it was absolutely terrible!!! The clothes that were on display were not the beautiful things they had 2 days ago.... it was terrible crap that looked like it had been used! Probably you can get better quality clothes at a charity store in England (don't take this the wrong way I've got nothing against that stores).

So this means that I'll have to wait another week till I can have a relaxed shopping atempt... and of course during this time I'll get off my mind that I might find something nice on sale because deep down I know I won't.

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  1. Pilarcilla! Échate un vistazo a este documental, a ver si se te quitan las ganas de ir a los malls de una vez por todas!