Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being Untidy

I have to admit it, I'm really untidy. My room can look like a cave in 2 minutes. With other stuff like work or my notes from Uni I've always been really tidy, I always know where everything is and I'm really proud of that! But with my room I just can't!!!

I remember the look on Jake's face the first time he saw my room back in Sunderland, he was too polite to say anything but he was amazed! lol! I always try my best to keep things tidy but I just can't! For example, many times I've tried to tidy up on a Saturday morning, then I go out at night and before that I need to try a few outfits. After a few "oh my god I look so fat", "this makes me look old" blah blah blah I make up my mind  and of course I always leave with no extra time to tidy up! Next thing I know it's Sunday morning I have two options: a) i'm tired or b) i'm hungover , so there's no way I'm gonna tidy up!  Then the week starts and I have no time to tidy up! (well that was back in the day now that i'm unemployed I have no excuse lol!)

Now that Jake lives here, he tries his best to keep things tidy, so when I don't behave I get told off by him and my mother. Lovely isn't it? :P

But I came up with an awesome theory and I have evidence! As soon as I leave my room things get untidy because they're alive!

The video is crap, but I couldn't get better "evidence" lol!

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  1. hehehehehe!!! LOVED IT!!! this happens to me as well... just ask my mum :P
    The video is so cute!! ^^