Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I wanna be a billionaire!!

First of all I love this song and I love Bruno's voice! And I agree with him "I wanna be a billionaire so f***ing bad" ... I wouldn't be one of those eccentric lasses that go around with fur coats and gold chains.. I'd be a "normal" rich girl! lol

Whenever I watch "MTV Cribs" I wonder about how I'd like my ideal house to be... I wouldn't go for Donald Trump's style:

This kind of "lame european rococo palace" it's absolutely horrid in my opinion. But I'd still want to have a few class things lol, a movie theatre is one of them! and of course i'd love to get one of those vintage pop corn machines! A pool would be cool too, and an ice cream bar! oh! and one of those walk - in closets! (full of clothes obviously otherwise it wouldn't make sense)

Having a personal cook specially trained by my mother is one of the things I've always wanted! Well maybe a full team of cooks, cuz If I want a room service 24/7 I'd need more than one person!
I really like to drive, but a chofer sounds pretty good too, specially for those days when you go to Madrid and there's nowhere to park, and the idea of being able to have a nap on the way to work must be really sweet!

I'd also like to have a private spa, nothing too fancy just a jacuzzi, a pool, a massage bed and one of those cool scented showers. Well now that I think about it a few more things pop into my mind like a post production studio with the most expensive MAC in the market, a recording studio, a photographic studio and maybe a make up room (full of make up, I was taking it for granted).

Oh well, now that I'm reading all the things I wrote it might come across as a bit eccentric... Maybe having loads of money makes u act like that, some may say that money doesn't give happiness but I think it helps a lot! lol

Yesterday I watched again "Saving Grace" (El jardín de la alegría) - not the tv show, the british movie -, I'm posting the trailer here so you can see what it's about just in case you haven't seen it:

In this times of crisis this idea seems to be pretty tempting lol...


I nearly cried when I saw her burning all the weed that might have been worth around 1M Pounds! lol

Well, I'll keep dreaming about being a billionaire, now that I'm unemployed I have loads of time to do it!

Thanks for reading!



  1. nice... I wouldn't mind some extra cash either!! Keep up the good work! Izzy xx

  2. I think I'd have exactly the same things you'd have! well, the bests for me are: chofer, spa at home, maaaaakeup room (MAC, of course), WALK-IN CLOSET yeah, photography studio with all the equipment I may need... and movie theatre... !!
    keep dreaming, one day we'll HAVE IT ALL!!!!! ;) Nice funny post, as always <3