Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh well... I'm pretty pissed... yesterday I was on my way to hospital to have a test done when a stupid "guardia civil" (a kind of cop) stopped me. I was quite naive to think that he had just stopped me for the sake of it, but oh no... I got a 200€ fine!!! He and his mate must have been pretty bored. They were stopped on the side of the road and they dediced to stop me... I promised I didn't do anything wrong!!! My fiance would have told me: Pilaaaar what are u doing?? But he didn't! he agreed with me! I didn't do anything wrong!!!
This is not my first experiene with the police, but the two last times they stopped me (because I did something wrong), I got away with it pretty easily by crying my heart out and saying that my parents were horrible people and that If I got home with a fine they'd sell me to a human dealer or send me to work in the mines lol :P

My brother just passed his driving test last Friday, I was so glad for him! Because your life changes completely when you have a license !! For me it was a pretty good way to be lazy as hell! lol But  it seriously changes your life! For us (me and my brother) it's really useful since we don't live in Madrid and the public transport during the weekends it's a nightmare. And ... let's face it, it makes you feel incredibly cool!

But getting the license can be a traumatising experience, sometimes it can take a little longer than you might have thought on the first place (and at least here in Spain it's extremely expensive!!). It consists in two parts, a test and a practical exam. The teachers only teach you to pass the exam not to be a real driver! There are some things that you learn as you go!

The first time I took the car out by myself I went to a shopping centre, I parked and when I came out, I tried to make it work but the wheel WASN'T WORKING, it wasn't even moving! I thought Oh God.... what have I done!!! So I call my own and personal 911, my dad. He was pretty busy so he barely listened to what I was saying so he told me to call the garage, as soon as I started explaining what have happened the guy started laughing sooooo hard! Apparently my wheel was only "locked" and It could be unlocked just by putting the keys in and giving it a bit of a shake.... Oh well....

But the relieve is that I'm not the only one... I won't say names so any of my friends feel offended, but you know who u are lol

A) Friend number 1. She was practising with the teacher driving down a street and then all of a sudden she stopped. The teacher asked, why are u stopping? And she pointed at a bird that was "crossing" the street, a pigeon to be more accurate. The teacher said: don't u think that it'll fly once we get closer sweetie? And she started at him and (pretty smartly if I may add) she said: What if it cannot fly?? lol!!!!

B) Friend number 2. She was gonna take a bunch of us to McDonald's but she told me: Pilar I need fuel, I went to the gas station yesterday (full deposit) and now it's gone. She has a cute and small car that doesn't use much more gas than a lighter so I said maybe you have a leak or something because it's not possible! So we went into the cars and as soon as we got to the car station she told me (full of excitment) I have gas again!!! And I was like...what do u mean by "again"?? The thing was that she didn't checked how much fuel she had with the engine on lol.

C) Friend number 3. Her dad was trying to give her a bit of a 101 "get to know your car" lesson, he started saying how cars need oil and stuff and she asked... sunflower or olive oil?? LOL!

But as I said we all learn as we go and I'm pretty sure you all have funny stories about this subject.

Thanks for reading!!


PS: Friend number 1, 2 and 3 , I Love you all! =)

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