Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sky +

One of the things that I miss the most about England (believe it or not) it's Sky + (like Digital + in Spain). The best thing about that amazing device was.... that we could get all the american "crap" reality shows!!! Two of them were by far my favourites:

This one follows the "adventures" of the contestants of beauty pagents in the states. To make it more interesting you should know that the contestants age is between 2 and 9 years old!
It made me learn loads of things, like how to use properly the "royal we". The very proud mums of the girls loved to use it. Examples: we are really excited about the pagent, we are going to get our nails done blah blah blah....
It's amazing to see the amount of things that they do to the kids to transform them! Fake tan, FAKE TEETH!, fake hair, tons of make up, false nails...
And when things go wrong you see the "proud mums" whispering at their kids: SHAME ON YOU!
It's disgusting but I'm afraid to say it's entertaining!

oh oh oh.... this one has a bit of everything! for those of you who don't know what it is about: Kody (an all american boy wannabe) is in a polygamus marriage with 3 other women (Meri, janelle and Christine) and the reality show follows him and his wives thru their daily life, but oh! a fourth one arrives to the scene. So the ecuation is the following: 1 guy + 3 wives + 13 kids + 1 wife to be + 3 more kids!
If you want to learn how NOT to treat women you just have to follow this tv show!

For some of the teachers (and some classmates) from Uni, the fact that I've dedicated more than one minute of my time it's a disgrace but.... they should think that If you are gonna talk about TV you have to see everything to have a decent opinion lol :P from documentaries and movies in black and white to amazing crap like: Toddles and Tiaras and Sister Wives.

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