Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year! / Feliz año nuevo

Happy New Year! 2011 has started, oh God, i'm only 23 and I already feel old! 2010 was an extreme year, and when I say that I mean that all sorts of things happened. My grandma after 10 years fighting against ELA left us last January. It was one of the most special people I'll ever meet, she made us all feel really proud of her, she was a fighter and never lost her smile. Even she's gone I still feel that she's here with me.
On the other hand I met the guy who is now my fiance! I met him when I was doing my masters in England, he's the man of my life I'm sure of that! No other guy has ever loved me the way he does!
Now we are living together and depending on what this new year brings, we'll get married.

I'll try to keep the blog updated and share cool things that I find on the Internet.

Thanks for reading! ;)

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