Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This might sound a bit superficial, but going to a hairdressers it's one of the hardest things a woman has to face on her lifetime!
When you are a kid it's "easy" your mum decides for you, when you are a teenager, it gets a bit harder. When I became a teenager it was "fashionable" to have two thick chicken blond highlights on each side or your face... I can tell you that it was absolutely horrible! (sorry If any of you had it!) but I wanted to have them! everyone else did! But my mum very wisely didn't let me (after a two hour argument that most likely involved tears on my side). Or If I wanted something terrible my mum just would have a previous word with the hairdressers (probably a non life threatening  piece of "advice") and as soon as I got there and shared my plan with her, she would tell me that it wouldn't look good on me. It's funny how you take advide from a stranger and not from your own mum.

But, time flies by, so I became a young girl (not to say an adult, I don't wanna sound old! lol). And then I started to go to the hairdressers by myself. WRONG! I should still have my mum around! I just rather have an argument with her once than having to stand the screaming when I get back home! lol. And the worst is when you know that you look absolutely disgusting. Like that time I decided to dye my hair, a normal color wasn't good enough for me so I decided I'd look good with orange hair MISTAKE!!! I had to live with the shame for weeks! My integrity would have been safe if my mum was there.

But sometimes even the wise advise from a mother is not enough to prevent disasters. Some hairdressers speak in a different language or code. If you say: please don't cut too much, they'll do it! Or ... I'd like my highlights in a NATURAL blond shade = chicken blond...

I wasn't sure about writing this post at the begining because my mum will be dead chuffed when she reads it and she'll tell me one of the phrases that I hate the most to hear from her: I TOLD YOU SO!
ohh mums... sometimes they give us a hard time, but what would we do without them?

I love you Mum!!

Thanks for reading!


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