Thursday, January 20, 2011

Little girls

Sometimes I wonder what it'll be like to be a mum. It's something that I wouldn't even have thought of a year ago but now I feel kinda soft when I see cute babies, maybe my fiance has something to do with it too lol!

The baby phase and toddler phase I think would be alright. But I have to admit (and I know this is gonna sound sexist) that I'm absolutely terrified of having a baby girl! Ok... when they're babies they look really cute but when they grow up it can be quite stressful!
I don't want my baby girl to do the same things I've done!! I don't even want to think that stupid boys will break her heart! And what's worse...I don't wanna argue with a teenager! I feel like Claire Dunphy from Modern Family when she says: "if Hayley (her daughter) doesn't wake up half naked at a beach in Miami with a guy she doesn't know, we'd have done our jobs as good parents". Not that I had a terrible teenage phase but I wouldn't like to see my little girl with " a sailor"!! (if you don't get it read the " sailor complex post").

Now when I look back I have to admit that many times I was absolutely terrible to my folks! Like for example, the clothes. Usually we go thru that phase where we'd wear things that especially our mums hate just to annoy them! And when we are that age we have to fight against everything! 99.9% of the time I felt like everyone in my house was against me and that no one understood me, I bet they did, but they didn't want to listen to me moaning and complaining aaaaaall the time!

I used to take groups of spanish kids to Canada during the summer to learn english. Some of the worst things I had to deal with were cat fights!! They were soooo mean to each other!!! I prefer boys in that matter, they might punch each other a couple of times and that's it! They can be friends again! But with girls it's a lot more complicated they're mean and they don't stop till the other one is crying herself to sleep night after night!

Oh well, maybe cuz i'm writing this I'll be "blessed" with 14 baby girls.... :P

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