Sunday, January 9, 2011

Being clumsy...

Yeah... clumsy is one of the words to describe me ... If you asked any of my friends or family: tell me 3 words that describe Pilar, clumsy would be one of them, i'm 99.9% sure!
I've learnt how to live with it,  and everyone who knows me too. For example it's really common to be walking down a street (and i mean a quiet street with perfect pavement) with me by your side and a) see me dissapear (cuz i've fallen off) or b) hear aaaaaahhhhh! (me nearly falling).

Apart from being clumsy I have a very special luck. I've also learnt how to live with it, falling in the less appropiate moments and things like that are a part of my life now. My boyfriend has known how to deal with my special "qualities"already, but he has seen me in all sorts of situations like: trying to open a packet of smashed potato, rip it and pour it all over myself (nothing erotic in smash i'm afraid...).

But not all of these incidents are non pain related. Once when I was 15 I feel off the school bus... yeah I know it's pretty lame. I had my backpack, the gym class bag and the skate bag and when I was getting off the bus.... slam!!! against the pavement, and oh! i almost forgot, it has been raining the whole day so I landed in a "lake" in the middle of the street. Another time I was taken to ER in my pyjamas cuz I fell down the stairs (due to a misplaced box that someone had left there) and I nearly broke my knee.

Fortunately a few of my "disasters" have brought me good things, like that New Year's Eve that I fell flat on the floor and a super cute guy helped me out (the saddest thing was that I wasn't even drunk!). But the best of all happened the night I met the guy that it's now my fiance! In the UK you cannot smoke in bars, me and him were the only smokers so we went out for a smoke. I really liked him from the first moment I saw him so I was trying to play it cool, we were standing inches away from one of those bus stops that have roofs. As I was speaking, someone had the idea to move it, and all the water that was accumulated after a day of heavy rain, landed on me. My make up, my hair, my clothes, everything was ruined! I started laughing cuz there was nothing else I could do! This incident gave us a pretty good chance for a laugh and we have been dating since then, so I guess it wasn't bad after all!

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