Saturday, January 8, 2011

Media people

Since I was 16 I knew for sure that I wanted to do Media. I was lucky enough to get the points I needed to go to the "best university" in Spain (when I finished I knew it wasn't but I had the time of my life and I met my best friends!). As soon as I got my degree I decided I wanted to do a Masters abroad, London was too crowded for me so I decided to go to University of Sunderland (northern soul keep the faith!!!)
I love everything about the subject I studied and I'm praying to get a decent job soon! But ... I've realised that I have to change the way I look and behave because I'm too "normal"!!!! If you want to be someone in the business you have to look "special"!! Of course there are loads of what we presumibly would call "normal" but (specialy out of Spain) you have to wear funny glasses or have a weird hair to be recognised lol!

When you go to a TV studio you definately know who is who by the way they look! And if you were taking somewhere and you had to tell the difference between doctors, lawyers, journalists and media people, probably the media people would be the first one I'll be able to identify! (as long as the doctors are not wearing scrubs lol)

Another interesting species of the media world are the actors, there are two types: the really nice ones and the ones that think that the world would stop spinning without them. Some of them are really greatful and know the meaning of team work but some others let you soak to the bone under the rain while you are carrying a massive umbrella to keep them dry... But hey! if everyone was treating me like the most important person in my country God knows how would I behave aye?

Oh well... I've got a few job interviews on the next weeks and hopefully (fingers crossed) I'll have a job soon!

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  1. Good luck with those job interviews! Don't be too fixed on finding a way to stand out, though, you already do!

    Keep on writing!^^