Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being clumsy... Part II

Thank you all! "Being clumsy" it's the most read post on my blog!! And so you can see that I don't lie about this... "quality" of mine there's enough material for a part II!!

Last year I moved to the UK to do a masters. As I said on a previous post, London was to crowded for me so I was willing to try "the real thing" the ultimate british experience so I decided to go to the North East. When I was flying there I looked outside the window and the weather seemed normal, until we got to Newcastle... 2 or 3 blooming feet of snow were accumulated on the ground... The University booked a taxi for me so it was ok cuz I got help from the cab driver but as soon as I got to my flat I was on my own... Next morning I HAD to go shopping, so I wore my massive boots, puffy coat, scarf, gloves, hat (while the local lads and lasses were just wearing a jumper! lol). Walking on the snow should be considered an extreme sport!!! I had to walk at a snail's speed and grabbing myself to all sorts of fences and lamposts to make it. When I was coming back home and I thought I was gonna be back dry & safe... I slipped with a bit of ice and I fell flat on my bum...

The people from the hall of residence witnessed many of my disasters... Once I was trying to get the rubbish inside the container in quite an "acrobatic" way and when it was on the air... the bag broke and all my garbage was spilled on the floor (there were a bunch of guys there that didn't move a finger to help me, I guess I'm not hot enough to recieve that kind of help lol!)

But God bless the local lads and lasses, my cousin came to visit the North east so I took her to see the area. We left Durham Cathedral for last but when we got there it was raining, we were making our way up but... I needed the loo, I needed to have a wee with all my heart and soul, so we went to a pub.
Me and my cousin were speaking pretty loud (obviously! we're spanish and our loudness levels are nothing compared to the rest of nationalities!) and as if we were not getting enough attention, when I started to go down the stairs I lost the contact with the floor surface, it was less than a second but I could totally see myself falling and rolling down the stairs... I didn't have time to land properly (God knows what could have happened to me!) because very gently, a local lad rescued me, and maybe I'll have to thank him for my health!!

Once again, thanks for reading!!


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