Sunday, May 22, 2011


I have to confess that I'm really enjoying the spanish edition of Survivor (It's a bit evil to enjoy watching other people suffer and starve but I guess I'll blame this on the society we're living and that kind of thing that "educated minds" like to do nowadays). Well it's more like a combination of "Survivor" and "I'm a celebrity... get me out of here". They send to an island in Honduras a group of "famous" people and a bunch of non famous. I say "famous" because they haven't really done much to be celebrities, I realised that when I tried to explain to my boyfriend who was who... I found myself talking about bullfighters sons, a Big Brother ex-contestant, the sister in law of a flamenco singer etc... And then I thought to myself thinking... really? This is "Spanish stereotypes 101" lol! I'm sick and tired of the image of Spain that people have when you go abroad, some people really think that we all know how to dance flamenco and that lads go around in matador costumes... Once this lass told me: "Oh! You're from Spain? Lovely! Wow then you have the chance to go to Puerto Rico in no time" You should have seen my face... But fortunately nobody outside out of the country is interested in Survivor so I think we're safe (by now) lol :P

As soon as they get to the island they make pretty clear that they are not going to be fed on a regular basis, so all that they can eat is: coconuts and fish (and extra things that they can get as rewards). One of the guys (a bullfighter's son) is pretty upset because he doesn't like the food, and my question is... Why on earth did you go?!?!?!? In a different level, but it's like if you are a vegetarian and you decide to go to a steakhouse...

They all have this "castaway" look (i guess to keep the "I'm surviving on an island" thing). Most of them look pretty decent, specially some of the girls with those super bodies! If it was me I'll be looking like a total tramp! No make up, no hair products, no nothing! I'd be pretty embarrassed if I had to be jumping up and down in my bikini, it was embarrassing enough having to do PE in shorts lol. They also make them go thru this games/tests, some of them are pretty hard! Those things could have come out of my evil PE teacher's mind. We had this really wicked lady as a teacher when I was about 16. She made us jump around like if we were pro, I tried to convinced my mum that I was really risking my life during those classes, but of course, she never believed me! A part of me thinks that I should have broken my arm or something like that just to be able to tell her: I TOLD YOU SO! lol

Oh well, I guess that If I was a semi-popular person and I had to go to a reality show because I was desperate for money... I would definately not choose "Survivor".

Thanks for reading! ;)

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  1. haha. mhh, not for the circus they put on, but I wouldn't mind going to the island and come back all tanned and skinny! ^^