Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talented People

I have had the gift of going to Uni with really really talented people! It's a real shame that because of the financial situation all this talent it's being wasted, but fortunately we have the internet and it can be used as an awesome way to show the world what we are capable of. So I want to use this post to promote people I know! lol

1. Jake Blythe (my fiance) He has an MA in Desing in Animation and he's really talented! He has been doing stop motion since he was 12 and he's awesome! This is a link to his website:

2. Ana Gely, most of you know her, she is "THE" photographer, all her photos look like taken out of Vogue magazine!! She's gonna be the next Annie Leibovitz. Talented, gifted and in one word: amazing. Links to her amazing work:

3. Izzy. She's gonna be big, I just hope she remembers me when she goes to the red carpet. Idealist, passionate, sensitive (and sensible) and an amazing friend.

4. Alberto Zamora. A great combination: Goals & popcorn, this website it is a must!

5. Marta Murillo. A real old-school artist, she has a really artistic point of view. Her drawings are soooo good!

I hope you all enjoy their talent as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Pil! You're so sweet!! Miss you and love u!!

  2. You're gonna make me cry, amore! :') thanks for loving me so much!!!!!! I love you in return.... to infinity and beyond!!!! quiero verteeeeee yaaaaaa!!! y q modeles para miiiii again!!!! tqmmm