Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Toaster Fight

My fiance and I just came back from a lovely trip to Córdoba, we went to celebrate our 1st year anniversary! We had so much fun! Going on holiday is always nice (specially if you have a good sense of humor!).

Our hotel wasn't very nice (that's why it was so cheap!) but we had a lot of fun! And Córdoba is absolutely amazing! But I guess it's a bit frustating that something that you've been looking for for a long time sucks! lol!

Some people when they go on holiday they turn their brains off... This morning we went to have breakfast to our "buffet". Maybe I've been mistaken for a long time but buffet doesn't mean to me: two jars of apple juice, a few slices of bread and a coffee... oh well, maybe I'm really posh! lol

In this place there was an absolute lack of common sense. In all of the hotels I've been until now, the toaster goes round: you put a slice on one end and you get it toasted on the other one. But the one we had in our hotel wasn't! You just put the toast in and leave it there until it's toasted.... DANGER!!! You know how easy it could have been that someone forgot about their toast and that the whole place went in flames?? LOL! And people can get really greedy when things are "free". One lad (and his missus) had: two toasties, two toasts and two big buns of bread (cut in half so that means 4 slices). And all that took ages! I just wanted a piece of toast and a coffee! I had to wait for ages, I tried to put a sad face so they could feel pity for me but it didn't work! It was hilarious to see everyone else's faces, they went from surprise to absolut rage! A part of me was really hoping that someone started a riot ending in a massive food fight! lol

I have to admit that getting greedy with the buffet it's not a sin, it can happen to anyone of us, but I've already learnt my lesson... Two years ago I went to Mexico with my family and there was food aviable in the hotel 24/7 (it was awesome!). A typical breakfast for me it's a toast and a cup of coffee, but me and my brother ended up eating bacon, hash browns, eggs in all shapes and forms, and of course... we got sick. My mum's voice echoed in our heads saying: didn't I tell you so??? Lol!

My advice: they should put a security guard next to the toaster machine :P

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip!^^TQM, Pil!!! Keep it up!